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Carved Stone Animal Wig Series by EmphasisMine Carved Stone Animal Wig Series by EmphasisMine
...or more like Carved Stone Animal HELL. No, wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. But really, I could cry tears of joy that this series is finally done. Tears of absolute mirthful joy.

I should note that I'm about to have a bit of a whine here, so if you have any respect for me, you might not want to read on. I mean, I would normally just put a "no comment" sort of thing on here, but I want to talk about my neurotic thought process for this series because I know there are people who didn't like it, but I'd to explain WHY it went the way it did. I don't blame people for feeling the way they do, obviously it's my fault if I couldn't get it to work, but I still want to get it off my chest.

Little bit of background: I've been doing the Monthly Collection wig series for three years now. First one was the gemstones, then the zodiac, then this.

When I did the gemstones, I came away from that learning two things. 1) People don't like outrageous colors. 2) Too many of the wigs were obviously female.

When I did the Zodiac, I kept those two things in mind, so I pitched the idea of having them be transformable. This served two purposes: If someone didn't want the outrageous hair part of it, they could simply remove it, and the shorter version could double as male hair. This sort of worked, but it was difficult and I didn't really want to do another series after that.

Well no one else did either, so I tried a new theme (The rockabilly, punk and gothic wigs) but I ran out of ideas and abandoned that.

The new-new theme would be animals, I decided, because I feel the monthly collections should be really special. Not something you should expect to restock, you know? You're putting down two bucks on this, it oughta be decent.

So, I was inspired mostly by Camilla d'Errico, who tends to pile animals on top of pretty waifs heads (I forgot, of course, that our bases are anything but waify, and that their stupid heads take up a quarter of the real-estate.) The general idea went like this:

Stone animal gives you the animal-of-the-month by itself.
Feminine side of the wig actually has variant of said animal woven through the hair.
Masculine side has coloring or pattern based on said animal.
Item versions include the stone animal, animal part, and either the life cycle of that animal, or the animal's habitat, whichever works best.

I wanted this to appeal to a LOT of people. Not just trendy avatar people, but also the ones who are off-the-wall, as well as people who collect stuff for pet treasure chests.

The first wig, the moth, goes over okay. I think people like the male version more, and are grossed out by the moths, but hey they'll get used to it. Next month is lovebirds, and I think this is the most popular. I still see people wearing the female side (don't think I've ever seen the male.) So yeah, we're doing good! Next is snakes, no controversy that I can remember.

Then came the blue morphos. This set marked a change. People weren't really gelling with the female wigs, they wanted the animals separate. That obviously wouldn't be possible for a number of reasons, so on the next wig, I had a choice. I chose to try something new and make it so that, instead of having animals, the female side would be in the SHAPE of a particular animal (or something related to it.) Little did I know the precedent I would accidentally set with the frog wig. Why did I add the brown highlights? Because you could barely see the buns if it was black, and frog eggs aren't black anyway. That was my justification.

The fish wig I thought was the cleverest. In a way, it was a letdown, because this set I REALLY wanted to base on this [link] middle picture in the second row by Sheila Wolk. My mom really likes that painting. Because of the new rule I imposed on myself, I decided not to. I actually think this came out cooler. The only problem is nobody seemed to get that the girl's wig was in the shape of one of those bubble eyed goldfish. No. No, because they were too busy complaining that the hair was ORANGE AND BROWN AGAIN. Also because there were two female wigs because guys can't have long hair, oh no.

But let's go back to the orange and brown thing, because that is what's really annoying me. You know what the major complaint was against my first set of wigs, the gemstone ones? The colors were too much. They just weren't versatile. So what is versatile? Natural hair colors. Okay. Not a problem. However, I still wanted the hair color to at least sort of match the animal. The thing there is that most animals, if they are of natural colors, ARE ORANGE AND BROWN. Trust me, I looked for blonde fish.

And honestly, the wigs that are the offenders AREN'T the same shades. The frog wig is black with bluish highlights and orangish streaks. The fish wig is a grey red with purplish highlights. The male octopus and female lizard are definitely brown and orange. The turtle wig was the last, so I was beyond caring, but it's a really rich dark brown with almost yellow orange highlights. To mimic tortoiseshell, or the the turtle it was based on. The turtle it is in the shape of. I guess I could have made the side bangs and the pigtails green to mix it up?

Other than that, I don't know. I mean, it's my own fault that I've got this rigid set of guidelines (hair MUST match the item versions, item versions MUST accurately reflect the animal) but still. I just think it's a weird thing to get hung up on, when I only trying to make sure it's versatile. I mean, I'm already asking you to put bugs in your hair, or do it up in the shape of an ugly fish, the least I can do is make sure you have a natural color, otherwise it's a little too far out there, you know?

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xXBassKittenXx Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Idk all of the names but I really like the Blonde birdhouse hair, the blue butterfly one, and the moth one...
ForbiddenKatalyst Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
I know these are OLD items, but I just wanted to say that I absolutely ADORE the snakes. Columbian Red-Tail Boa, unless I'm mistaken. But they totally remind me of my beloved Selleck. I bought the carved serpent and wear it in 90% of my avatars because its SO ACCURATE TO WHAT MY SNAKE DOES (aka: He loves being on top of your head, even if he is 7ft long and 15lbs of snake).

These pieces are lovely, and while I wouldn't use most of them, I do admire the creativity that went into each one.
Trillionth Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012
Geez, people seriously found ways to complain over shit like that?

I've really loved the themes of all your wig sets so far- this one in particular. I think you came the furthest artistically with these and the incorporation of the animals was really unique. I kind of would have liked to see the female wings continue to have actual animals in them (I think the moth wig is strangely elegant looking, actually) but both guidelines are really nice.

Also, I REALLY love that so many of the animals you chose for these weren't your typical cute and cuddly critters. I love kittens and bunnies and much as the next person, but it was awesome to see more unconventional animals get some attention. ....Doesn't hurt that I have a huge weakness for moths, lemurs and frogs too. fjdslf

I loved these wigs and I appreciate them twice as much now that I know how much effort and thought went into them. I wish I could make it so none of the users would act so dramatic and entitled every time they feel a color is the wrong hue or a line is out of place.

Also, I like colored wigs- especially when they're soft or muted.
Tomoko59 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011
I for one, love every single wig you created, I have them all, gemstones, zodiac and now the animal sets. Both in my gallery and in my wardrobe. I can't wait to see what you bring out next year. Please don't let the whiny babies get you down.
employee-thirteen Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2011
I can never unsee that bubble eyed goldfish hair, now. It even has a little front fin! Ahaha, that's really clever.

I had no idea people were complaining about them. I looked forward to them every month. P:
foxyuriy Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011
I love all of them :heart:
IceDragonBlue Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011
You're one of the better artists on subeta and these wigs (and the chance of backgrounds) were the only thing that I looked forward to in the monthly collectibles. I'm surprised some people were unhappy with them as I've never seen a complaint about them. I only regret that I didn't have enough money to get all the ones I wanted.
krokus00 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am a huge fan of the animals sitting on the HA heads, but I also love most of the wegs.
It's annoying to spend lots of CSC on these, really. Besides the pet items for each month, I eagerly was looking forward to the next animal and fitting wig.

Seeing the wigs close-up here, I really need to buy some older ones.
meihua Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011
I haven't played Subeta in years and I don't know how these wigs would look on the avatars, but just looking at the artwork alone, they look amazing. So creative! I must :+fav: this.
ultravires Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011
I bought every single one of these (my bank account hates you btw xD). I absolutely ADORED every one of these wigs. In some cases I bought more than one. I lovelovelove how versatile you make the items themselves. Quite a few of these I used for pet treasures too.

I'm so excited to see what your set of items is for next year now (I hope you do another set next year!).

(asifoah I thought the female gold fish one looked like the bubble eyed goldfish but I thought it was just me reading into things too much XD) (And I totally didn't realise there was backlash too. Hell. You didn't deserve that, not in the slightest.)
Iluvmyyellowducky Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011
I am so happy you put these up because honestly I loved this set. Some of the wigs we're my style but I loved seeing the tons of people who would buy them and wear them the day the collection came out. I really hope you're doing next years set because all your wigs look fantastic
Wickkeddreams Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011
This was the first year that I have made sure to collect every single one of this set for DPs. I collected most of the zodiac ones, but mainly originally for the beautiful art of the original forms.

I will say this: I have not yet removed the snails from my head on Subeta, and I probably won't for a very very long time. The Snail set is probably one of my top five favorite items on Subeta, and I really appreciate you drawing something so different and unique. All of the wig sets have a different, not really seen on Subeta feel. The snakes, the goldfish, the chameleon. Everything makes it worth every cent I paid for it.

I look forward to seeing other artwork from you on site, because it is all worth it. While others might bitch and complain, take the few here that cherish you for what you've produced for us.
tamedwhiskers Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
I thought all of these were amazing. I'm going to miss them!
Ilyrana Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011
Ungrateful whiny people. These are absolutely stunning! each time one comes out I scramble to add it to my WL and hope to buy it.

you did an amazing job with these <3 I really can't wait to see what you come up with for next year
MorbidPirate Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I dunno, I thought these were amazing. Especially seeing all the different ways to percieve the animals and the variety used here (at least half of these are animal-types I adore). I must admit, even I was a little "meh" at the first few months of female hair-pieces. It did seem odd, but it was still a nice change from the norm of wigs. I really loved some of the style and versatility with later ones, though. Male frog had beautiful colours, and when I saw the fish and spider wigs, I always thought, "That would look awesome in somebody's cosplay!"

But even though this is the CS items we're talking about, the simple rule of "haters gunna hate" always applies. No matter what, some person with too much time on their hands is gunna have nothing better to do then rag on someone else's hard work and not fully appreciate what went into it.
heather-hellion Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011  Student Digital Artist
aw dude what i had no idea there was any kind of backlash against these, these items were my favorite almost every month. subeta's userbase is seriously just


i could go on at length about how i feel about the userbase as a whole

anyway these are gorgeous and i love them utterly. whiny bitches can go fuck themselves.
liberalSpaceship Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hm. For what it's worth, I thought every wig was stunning. Even though I don't go for wigs unless they're white, I've wishlisted a few of the animal versions and immediately HAD to have the lemur wig. And I certainly looked forward to seeing the variations each month--I thought they were incredibly creative and just straight-up gorgeous. I can't imagine the effort just to brainstorm those wigs. It's high-concept design and people who rag on that don't understand the creative process very well, I think.

Was the brown/orange thing really a big deal? I guess "collectors" get cranky about repeat colors, though I think maybe that's silly considering the wide variance in shape. Personally I loved the colors of the gemstone wigs, but if people prefer natural colors, so be it. Looking at all of the wigs together, I can't imagine people really quibbling about the lack of variance, but if someone just happened to pay attention at the wrong times or is that set on complaining, maybe the examples are close. (You'd think "avatar people" would fall all over for the subtle difference in color for theme purposes, tho)

I know it's hard to say "don't worry about haters" for cash shop items, because you want them to appeal enough to bring in revenue. Still, your monthly wigs have been an exciting and valuable part of each collection, and I'd hate to see you succumb to the stress and have us miss out on your creativity.
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