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Reborn Tigrean Revamp by EmphasisMine Reborn Tigrean Revamp :iconemphasismine:EmphasisMine 17 3 Battle Challenger Boss - Temple Guardian by EmphasisMine Battle Challenger Boss - Temple Guardian :iconemphasismine:EmphasisMine 16 3 Battle Challenger - Bhakoru Guardians by EmphasisMine Battle Challenger - Bhakoru Guardians :iconemphasismine:EmphasisMine 73 3 A Bad Omen - Plot Prizes by EmphasisMine A Bad Omen - Plot Prizes :iconemphasismine:EmphasisMine 8 0 Battle Challenger - Cozcoatl by EmphasisMine Battle Challenger - Cozcoatl :iconemphasismine:EmphasisMine 107 6 Battle Challenger  - Goolswarm by EmphasisMine Battle Challenger - Goolswarm :iconemphasismine:EmphasisMine 10 1 Xotl Prince Challenger by EmphasisMine Xotl Prince Challenger :iconemphasismine:EmphasisMine 95 6 Galactic Bhakoru by EmphasisMine Galactic Bhakoru :iconemphasismine:EmphasisMine 7 4 Galactic Tigrean by EmphasisMine Galactic Tigrean :iconemphasismine:EmphasisMine 15 3 Masquerade Items 2016 by EmphasisMine Masquerade Items 2016 :iconemphasismine:EmphasisMine 6 1 Spring Items 2016 by EmphasisMine Spring Items 2016 :iconemphasismine:EmphasisMine 7 2 Miscellaneous Items 2015-16 by EmphasisMine Miscellaneous Items 2015-16 :iconemphasismine:EmphasisMine 4 1 Nightmare Mahar by EmphasisMine Nightmare Mahar :iconemphasismine:EmphasisMine 10 4 Nightmare Bovyne by EmphasisMine Nightmare Bovyne :iconemphasismine:EmphasisMine 5 4 Ancient Sphinx by EmphasisMine Ancient Sphinx :iconemphasismine:EmphasisMine 103 7 Autumn and Winter Sphinxes by EmphasisMine Autumn and Winter Sphinxes :iconemphasismine:EmphasisMine 5 1


Wallpaper by mettyori Wallpaper :iconmettyori:mettyori 4,401 230 Custom: {Susouris} by engare Custom: {Susouris} :iconengare:engare 110 8 Hambear by Sn00glez Hambear :iconsn00glez:Sn00glez 51 14


Reborn Tigrean Revamp
This guy was long overdue for a revamp to match the rest of the Tigreans. I think I still have the older one on here. But yes! Wanted to keep the same post and attitude, something to really show off the back markings.

The fire for the tail was something I was dreading, but I think it came out really nice in the end.
Battle Challenger Boss - Temple Guardian
Like the Bhakoru guards, this one was also a callback to the first plot, based on the very first puzzle room.…

I remember back then a lot of players expecting that statue to be a challenger when it was just a puzzle, so this seemed like a nice little detail. 

This statue, as a guardian, was given the same Aztec-inspired stone armor as some other islander things, and she's got stylized horns on her head to represent exactly who she was trying to keep players from freeing. The gold anklets with the colored gems are meant to tie her to Shinwa.
Battle Challenger - Bhakoru Guardians
When it was decided we'd have a boss for the plot and I got the assignment, I figured it would be fun to try and break it down into phases like the Kiyo fight from last year.

The phases for this one were proving to be a little difficult, but considering how the plot ended up (with a very familiar looking crystal altar in the final room) I got inspired. The first prize room from the old old Blake Steele plot had a giant crystal flanked by some carvings of the Bhakoru. This is how the species was introduced. Considering this temple's purpose, I thought it would be nice to have the statues be living versions of the ones from the first room. Then I gave them some islander flair, with stone hats and feathers, and there you go. I actually like these two more than the final boss herself, just cause I really like how those hats came out.
A Bad Omen - Plot Prizes
Here are all the things I did for prizes at different points in the event. A couple of the things were stuff that was handed out early on, some of it is battle challenger (and boss) prizes, and the rest of it just got released as final plot prizes available to everybody who participated.

The backgrounds in particular were pretty fun. I'd never done a waterfall before, so that was a nice little challenge! 
Battle Challenger - Cozcoatl
I love this guy.

Like, I generally do enjoy most of the things I draw, but I just really love how this particular one came out. I wanted a great sense of movement and I think I did a pretty okay job of that. And I like how the scales came out. And the wings! Very happy with those. In a few months I will hate everything about it, probably.

This was another challenger for the recent plot. It was supposed to show up earlier, when teams were attempting to scale the mountain, buuuuut plans changed on that, so this guy was kind of stuck for a bit while they decided where best to introduce him. I think it worked out pretty well in the end, though.

The prompt for this was a hard challenger, and since we had an Aztec-y vibe going on, I thought a quetzalcoatl would be the perfect thing (and something really different from the Goolis). 


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ShinyKiwi Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016  Student Photographer
I remeber your art from the Neopet days 
Sn00glez Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Professional General Artist
Heyo! I loooove your comic art! We met at comic con this last weekend at the full time creative work on a part time schedule panel :) I was one of the's Angela Abeyti :D Just wanted to follow up and say hi and that it was a pleasure to meet you.. let's be art frands!
EmphasisMine Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015   Digital Artist
Hi Angela! I don't log into this often enough, haha, sorry I missed the comment. And yes I remember you, I've still got that Hambear print (THE cutest thing I got at comic con, for sure.) It was great meeting you, too. Definitely going to follow you, your art is FANTASTIC. <3
headdesk Featured By Owner May 19, 2014
I demand an upload of the full-sized Glade Tigrean. I love kitty cats, especially stoned-on-catnip kitty cats.
ShadowMasterNara Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
I would literally be the happiest person ever if you could upload the fullsize of the Steamwork Tigrean! It's so gorgeous and I'd love to use it for a pet ;u;
SteedOfWar Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
I would love to see a full image of sweetheart tigrean uploaded if you wouldn't mind :)
IridescentStardust Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I JUST WANT TO TELL YOU that your ancient MS-paint tutorial of the little frog guy
has inspired me and influenced me so much, and I still use techniques that I learned from it ;-; and thank you :heart:
headdesk Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012
How goes work on the Tigrean revamp, Jill-dear?
SerinaTrunstall Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012
I dont know if you want to give this out but... Whats your Subeta UN???
EmphasisMine Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2012   Digital Artist
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